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The Arab Golf Federation was founded in 1974 during Al Nile and Arz Golf Championships. The organisation represents the collective interests of 19 member nations, whose mission, which is recognised by The R&A and Arab Olympic Committee, is to streamline governance of the game in the Arab world and enhance the overall development of golf by creating more and better playing opportunities for its members.

Arab Golf Federation

The development of golf

The mission of the Arab Golf Federation is to streamline the affairs of the game in the Arab world and enhance the overall development of golf by creating healthy playing opportunities for its members. Recognised by the R&A - the game's governing body based at St Andrews -- and the Arab Olympic Committee.

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How the AGF can help

Driving Mass Participation

The Arab Golf Federation recognises the true value that this great game can deliver, across all Arab societies. The Federation is fully committed to focusing on how it can support the game’s governing bodies, in their mission to develop the game around the world, as well as mobilising our collective resources to maximise opportunities for Arab nations with the primary aim of boosting participation.


Providing new exciting opportunities for male and female golfers


Collaborating with all Arab nations to create the best pathways


Benchmarking and generating best practice


Supporting the growth of our golfers and employees

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