Majd and Shadi make history


Majd and Shadi make history

Majd and Shadi make history

Jordanian officials Majd Najada and Shadi Jabji have successfully completed a Level 3 Tournament and Administrative School [TARS] in St Andrews Scotland, as part of an initiative organised by The R&A, the Jordanian Golf Federation and co-sanctioned by the Arab Golf Federation [AGF].

Majd’s involvement made her the first ever female Arab referee to attend a Level 3 TARS, which she was able to celebrate at the Home of Golf.

Running for the last three years, the course was designed to increase awareness about the rules of golf, with training being hosted both online and in person with R&A-certified instructor and AGF technical advisor, Hani Alabdallat.

Five webinars were conducted, with 28 people from eight Arab countries also passing the Level 2 course, and a further 45 from 10 Arab countries completing Level 1. The hope is for more to pass Level 3 in 2023 and 2024 in order to reach a number of 10 officials at this stage of their development in the near future.

AGF also provided practical experience for the most interested Level 2-certified Arab referees at all Asian Tour events hosted in the region in recent month. Prior to completing their most recent qualification, Majd and Shadi were also part of these events and joined the rules team to run the 2022 ADT Saudi Open hosted at Riyadh Golf Club in Saudi Arabia.

AGF would like to congratulate both Majd and Shadi, as well as Jordan Golf Federation, on this occasion and hope their success can help to inspire many others within AGF countries.